One World Players Party


One World Players Party

The One World Player’s Party and $50,000 Ping Pong Pro-Am Event is by Invitation Only and benefits the National Tennis Foundation and other ATP / WTA Players Charities. It is organized by Premier Live and is taking place August 26th at 7:00 pm.

A $50,000 Ping Pong Shootout

In this one-of-a-kind event leading up to the US Open, ATP and WTA Tour pros will compete alongside amateurs in a $50,000 ping pong shootout during an exclusive players party.

On the 64th floor of One World Trade Center you have the opportunity to meet some of the worlds best tennis players and either join or watch them compete for the grand prize. Limited to 200 guests this small and intimate invitation only party and will be an experience of a lifetime.

Powered by Premier Live and SG Doyden.


Shoot-Out Spot

Compete against 8 ATP/WTA Tennis Pro’s or Legend’s and 8 Amateur Ping Pong players for $50,000 in the One World Players’ Party Pro-Am Ping Pong Tournament.

Pro-Am Spot packages include one non-playing guest;  you will also both enjoy all the inclusions in the Patron Package. Suggested Donation is $5,000 per entry to the National Tennis Foundation.


Enjoy the company of ATP/WTA Tennis Pros, legends and celebrities during the One World Players Party.

Please consult your tax adviser as all prices are considered to be tax deductible.


Enjoy an evening of mixing and mingling with ATP/WTA Tour Pros and celebrities, whilst watching the Premier Live ping pong tournament where the Pros can win $50,000!

Your name will be listed in the program as an event benefactor and Emcee, Murphy Jensen,  will thank you publicly for your generous support as well as have an opportunity to take a group photograph with all of the ATP/WTA pros and celebrities.

$500 per person suggested donation to the National Tennis Foundation.

Event time 7-11pm
Ping Pong Tournament 7:20-9:30pm

-8 pros and 8 amateurs
-2 groups with 8players in each group (4pros and 4am)
-2 Round Robin Groups
-Top 2 players from each group will play in Semifinals.

ONE GAME TO 11 POINTS, 2 serves each, win by 2 points.
Semi Finals and Final Game to 21points, 5 serves each, win by 2 points.
7:00-7:20pm Warm up, Free play, mini lessons and Exhibition Game with SPiN Pros (Michael Landers and Matt Suchy)
7:20-7:30pm Round 1
7:30-7:40pm Round 2
7:40-7:50pm Round 3
7:50-8:00pm Round 4
8:00-8:10pm interactive games, depending on time available.
8:10-8:20pm Round 5
8:20-8:30pm Round 6
8:30-8:40pm Round 7
8:45 – 8:55pm Exhibition Game with SPiN Pros (Michael Landers and Matt Suchy)
9:00-9:15pm Semi Finals
9:15-9:30pm FINAL GAME