Sam Kennedy


The National Tennis Foundation has been very instrumental in supporting the South Atlanta Community Tennis Association. The NTF has been a major supporter our USTA Excellence Team by providing tennis scholarships for students in our excellence program. NTF has provided the kids opportunities to travel,tournaments and tennis equipment.

   The NTF Necker Cup, gave our kid and opportunity of a life time to see parts of the world and act as an ambassador for the foundation.NTF has provided funding for our kids to go to tournaments like the 2015 Orange Bowl in Miami Florida and NJTL Cup in Washington DC.Tennis equipment is available to kids less fortunate to aid in their sucess as a tennis player.These accomplisments would not have happen without the help of the NTF.The South Atlanta Community Tennis Association look forward to working with the foundation as it continue to enhance the lives of the kids in the Atlanta metropolitian area.

Sam Kennedy

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