Abby Desiatnikov


“My name is Abby and NTF has helped my life in so many ways. It has made such a big influence in my life for the past 4 years. My goal is to be a top ranked American tennis player in the world one day soon.  I have been given the chance to be who I want to be and I could not be more grateful.

Not only do I feel grateful for NTF but I also feel security and comfort that they will support me through thick and thin. I’ve met some incredible people through NTF as well. I’ve grown as a person and a player because of NTF.  I’ve been taught the meaning of responsibility, such as my training and pressure.  I must also do good in school which is also a part of being on team NTF, and it’s been going great.  I can’t wait to eventually be able to help other young players as I have been helped by people involved with this amazing foundation.”

Quote:“No pain no gain.  Hard work pays off.”