NTF Pro Tennis Travel Team Grant


The National Tennis Foundation is accepting applications to be a member of the 2017 National Tennis Foundation Travel Team. The NTF Team will select 8 top American Players who on the IT / WTA / ATP Tour and provide tennis travel, training and coaching to compete in Wimbledon, US Open and a number Challengers in the US during the summer of 2017.

Grant Requirements

  • Player must be a United States citizen and reside and train in US.
  • Must be ranked within the top 100 on the ATP / WTA / ITF Junior Tours  – Singles or Doubles
  • Must have a documented financial need for tour support.
  • Must provide 20 hours of community service to NTF or NTF Chapters.

Grant Benefits

  • $10,000 Travel and Tour Grant
  • Travel Help Desk
  • Coaching

Application Process

  • Fill out online application.
  • Phone / In Person interview
  • Player must submit written essay.
  • Submit grades for current and previous year.

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